Easy, Real-Time Client Tracking Software, Securely in the Cloud

Spero makes record tracking incredibly easy and scales to organizations of any size.


Spero Software operates in the cloud and can be used on an unlimited number of devices. If computers are lost, damaged, or stolen, all of your data is safe and secure.


The Spero Software database is fast and fully customizable. Features help you track what's important and unique for your organization.


Spero Software features custom reports to monitor key data points, find patterns, and address your organization's needs.

Time Saving

With Spero Scan hardware, or mobile app, attendance tracking is quick and easy. Simply scan an ID card and the individual is automatically checked in and out of scheduled events.

What our Customers are Saying

The "Case Logs" table has been such an incredible tool for us because it keeps all of the staff on the same page and makes us all increasingly more efficient as a team.
- Matt Rivas

Spero helps our staff keep our guests accountable to meetings, deadlines, and shows how motivated they are to participate in their success. Essentially, Spero helps all staff and departments be on the same page as an individual makes their journey through our programs.
- Good News Rescue Mission

Spero allows us to track everyone that walks through our doors. I love the idea that I can look someone up and it only takes a few seconds. Spero gives our staff all of the information we need to enforce our policies.
- Dan Williams

Spero Software operates in the cloud, leveraging powerful database structure and digital technology saving valuable time.

Spero makes departments and staffs more efficient by providing powerful tools available anywhere. If you're ready to start spending less time on paper work and increase time spent face-to-face doing what really matters then you're ready for Spero.

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